Based in New York City, Imaginary was founded in 2017 with a mission to back the most exciting businesses across the consumer landscape and has quickly established itself as a leading venture capital firm across all investment sectors.

As the landscape shifts rapidly, this vision has expanded to include powerful technology solutions that enable evolution. Imaginary believes putting the consumer at the heart of everything they do by consistently reevaluating their needs.

Our Team

The Imaginary team has deep knowledge and track records in the consumer landscape. They are investors and former operators with complementary skillsets and a diverse and inclusive worldview. All are obsessed with consumer brands and anticipate the cutting edge of the consumer zeitgeist.

Imaginary’s deep category expertise and unrivaled network enable the team to add value through mentorship, marketing, brand and community building, fundraising support, hiring and people operations, public relations, and celebrity/talent introductions. This creates a highly virtuous flywheel of sourcing, diligence, and portfolio company value add.

Natalie Massenet
Founding Partner
Nick Brown
Founding Partner
Kelly Dill
Logan Langberg
Andrew Maxman
Tara Campbell
Senior Associate
Sydney Allen
Incubation Associate
Julia Kelly
Scott Wilk
Chief Financial Officer
Paige Purcell
Executive Assistant
Laurie Genatossio
Executive Assistant
Sarah Carley
Office Manager

“The Imaginary team has been such a valuable resource as we’ve scaled Daily Harvest. With their e-comm and brand-building experience and their relentless focus on the consumer, the Imaginary team can help disruptive, consumer-centric brands maximize their edge and scale into the global success stories of the future.”

Rachel Drori

Founder and CEO of Daily Harvest

Natalie and Nick are two of the best leaders in the industry. Their understanding of consumers in today’s age and how to build great brands and guide entrepreneurs is unparalleled.

Michael Preysman

Founder and CEO Everlane

“Working with Imaginary has been a significant value add to our People Ops function here at Kosas. They are a valued sounding board for talking through ideas and initiatives we are considering. Their hands-on experience at popular consumer brands means they’re late to us, our employees, and our company culture. We’re so glad Imaginary has added this function to their list of portfolio company support functions!”

Dawn Isaksen

CFO of Kosas

“I’m incredibly excited to be working with two visionary investors, Nick and Natalie. In addition to Net-a-Porter, Natalie has done incredible talent development work with the British Fashion Council. I’ve also had the pleasure of working with Nick years ago, and he’s a clear expert in direct-to-consumer. Between their expertise, vision, and proven ability to find and develop talent, they’re going to knock it out of the park with Imaginary Ventures.”

Emily Weiss

Founder and CEO of Glossier
Imagine The Possibilities

Our Investments

Our Investments

Imaginary’s growing portfolio consists of best-in-class digital-first brands and powerful technology solutions that power the rapidly evolving consumer ecosystem.

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